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Flake and McCain, the anti-porkers

Jeff Flake


John McCain

Arizona should be bursting with pride.

The state has elected a second U.S. senator who believes he should seek NO MONEY for the state. Jeff Flake, Republican senator-elect, campaigned long and loud against earmarks, those little do-hickeys at the end of bills that provide federal money for pet projects championed by state delegations in the House and Senate. To the enlightened right-wing conservative, earmarks and pork are the root of most all evil.

John McCain has made a successful senatorial career by refusing to bring home any manner of bacon[*] to Arizona. He is the longest living anti-porker. The right honorable Sen. McCain will tell you: The notion that federal pork provides roads and other infrastructure, jobs and lights a fire under a state economy is just hogwash, a lame excuse to hide the fact that it’s just money down a rat hole.

Let all that gravy and cash go elsewhere. Arizona’s senators stand four-square against federal money no matter how many jobs it creates, no matter how much infrastructure it builds,no matter how much prosperity it might generate. It’s rathole money as far as Flake and McCain are concerned.

Now we have two anti-porking senators. McCain is proud. Arizona is proud. And really, really poor.

[*] Was it bacon or pork that paid for the Central Arizona Project, that engineering feat that created a canal from the Colorado River all the way to Tucson?