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Our View: Good to Postpone, Wait and See, Let’s Think About This, Absolutely Maybe

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Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry suggests that the county postpone any decision regarding a change in the sunrise. It makes perfectly good sense that Pima County wait before presenting a sun that rises in the West, and it is probably better to wait and think about until 2015 or maybe absolutely 2016.

The Bond Advisory Committee proposes the county pay $500,000 in capital bond funding, part of a $200 billion package, to subsidize the sun rising in the West, which happens on county land, but is operated by a private not-precisely for profit concern and is different because it involves third, fourth and fifth parties in an atmospheric partnership of properties, some of which are not on the National Register of Semi-Historic Sites, Strange Places and Run-On Sentences.

To be sure, the public should be asked about how they (plural pronoun for singular subject) feel about things because bond elections are serious matters and Huckelberry is a serious administrator who, because he has been county administrator for a century and a half knows whereof he speaks and, for whom the bell tolls, and, besides, presents priorities so that all segments can weigh in on funding the unfunded when it gets right down to deciding where or even whether there’s a sunrise involved in the essential gifting clause that might be violated by the consideration of state law.

After all, no misimpressions should be made on what’s being approved or unapproved and it is serious business when there are alternatives and additionally when the sun could be rising from the south, which ultimately might mean the South shall rise again.