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‘Let’s went’

From time to time I like to remember “The Cisco Kid.” It was on 1950s TV. I adopted a favorite sentence often uttered by Pancho as imagesplayed by Leo Carrillo: “Let’s went.” They also had this thing at the end of every episode when Pancho would say: “Oh, Cisco!” Then Cisco would say: “Oh Pancho!” Then they would both laugh as though they shared a really nasty/dirty little secret. Wish I knew what it was, and that it was at the very least risqué.

I am now rather irritated by the fact I just discovered that Duncan Renaldo, who played Cisco, was born in Romania, in Oancea, a small town on the border with Moldova. His name was Renault Renaldo Duncan and would  have more appropriately cast in a Dracula movie. Or a French flick with Renault driving his Renault.

A Romanian playing a Mexican is just wrong, really, really wrong — like Donald J. Trump playing a presidential candidate.

At least Carillo was the real McCoy, a California native and great conservationist — a state park is named in his honor. I have heard he had family in Tucson, but was never able to confirm it. Incidentally, “Cisco” is short for “Francisco.” And “Pancho” is a nickname for “Francisco.” That makes much too Frank for me, even if “Cisco” is about the city. In which case, it should have been the “Frisco Kid.” In which case, it sounds a little too close to the “Frisky Kid.” In which case, the censors likely would have been involved.

Here is a Cisco Kid movie poster from 1949:Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.45.56 PM


urlDon’t think we’ll see another movie of its like, certainly not the title.

url-1The ingenue in the movie was played by Armida, a Mexican actress from the 30s and 40s. She did not land many roles. She was not born in Romania, but in Aguascalientes, Sonora. Her name was Armida Vendrell, and her father ran a movie house in Douglas.

A theological question

If it is true, as the Bible tells us, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven and if there is no such thing as limbo, does it not logically follow that Donald J. Trump’s destiny in the hereafter is as an eternally burning resident of Hell? If it does, then why would Americans of any faith vote for a Hell-bound Republican whom the Pope has declared un-Christian?