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Zoe Off-road/ Nasty Signs/ Three happy birthdays

DSC_0049 - Version 2Zoe went off road today. She sniffed out a lot of stickers. Nonetheless, she was fairly happy about it. She has a very cut smile. We went to Harshaw to see exactly where a Canadian mining company that looks a lot like the Rosemont copper operation means to mine silver, which involves lots and lots of cyanide. It’s certainly one way to foul-up the San Rafael Valley.

We tried to pay a visit, but the nasty-ass signs were discouraging.

Zoe does not approve.

I don’t blame her.



Now for something completely different: Today is the birthday of Henry Koffler, John Schaefer and Gene Sander. All were presidents of the University of Arizona. Henry is 91. John is 79. Gene is 78.

We all should be so youthful.


Gene and Louise Sander and Henry Koffler

Helen and John SchaeferDSCF0383


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