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And Now the Navy Yard

We are a remarkable nation if for nothing else in our boundless tolerance for murder and mayhem.

This insanity knows no bounds. There was New Town, And Columbine. And the Dark Night murders. We had Tucson. And do not forget Virginia Tech. Or Fort Hood. Now we have the Navy Yard. Twelve killed, just  like that.

We hear. We watch. We weep. The shrines go up. The bodies are buried.

And Washington does not give a shit.

The memorial services commence, the president leads the mourning. Voices echo throughout the hinterland. The calls, the pleas, the begging for gun control rise like ghosts on the haunt.

Washington does not give a shit.

The nation grieves without anger. We see no gore, no photos of the dead lying in pools of blood, bodies splayed and curled, the lifeless faces robbed of the future.

There are more guns and gun deaths in the United States than any other country in the world. We are a country meek and mild in the face of constant murder. We should be furious. But there is no rage, just a meek and mild populace insanely content to tolerate the insanity of mass murder and millions of guns.

No wonder Washington does not give a shit.

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