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The First Rose

  • This rose popped up Tuesday. It is a floribunda bush, Elizabeth by name. Two grapevines also started to leaf out, and a red pistach tree, one of two newly planted, has showed a new leaf. It is an early spring, unusual weather, but I am certain it has nothing to do with climate change, which has nothing to do with melting glaciers or the hurricane-force winds emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Apropos of the season, for a rousing good time,see “A New Leaf,” a great movie.

  • It is very nice to have a new president of the University of Arizona. Very, very nice indeed. Gee, it’s good day to have a new face. Really, really good. Just plumb tickled to death.

  • If you care to read some interesting and well-done travel pieces, mosey on over to Hoboshoes.net. It’s a website authored by the George Ridge family, he being a retired UA journalism professor.

  • Now that the majority school board members have fired a very fine superintendent, it will be interesting to see what they do. This majority at Tucson United School District resembles the Republican majority in Congress. It’s a snap judgment and loud squeal when it comes to what they don’t want. What they do want is one of those unfathomable mysteries that inhabit intellectual midgets.

  • Notice that some news stories on network news have been using “pushback” as a synonym for “response.” Like the White House has been indulging in a lot of “pushback.” The language connotes a school-yard dust-up involving children. I suppose one could argue that this is just an accurate sign of the time, which one suspects, will be regarded one of the darker blotches on American politics, notable primarily for its astonishing ignorance and bullying.

  • Speaking of which, it would be a boon to modern government if the White House staff managed to cut off the President’s tweeter.






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