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Clouds, OPEC and vain cardinals

The clouds over the east end of the Catalinas were spectacular this afternoon. It was raining there but from the Rillito Park it was sunny and in the low 80s. The morning rain was modest but enough to cut the dust. The iPhone lens doesn’t do justice to the mountains.


The NY Times reports that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is meeting in some Middle Eastern metropolis to decide allegedly how much oil should be produced. This comes down to the fact that the Saudis and the Russians are pumping at full capacity. The Iranians want to pipe in, but then the Saudis hate the Persians and vice-versa. The Russians hate everybody. OPEC has been fracked royally by the Americans who have made North Dakota a haven for moles the size of Godzilla.

It may seen odd, but I miss Sheikh Amed Zaki Yamani. He was the head of OPEC for 25 years. He was very sophisticated, a Harvard Law graduate with a nifty mustache and great suits. He smiled warmly and sincerely as OPEC and his kith and kin in Saudi Arabia were fracking the Americans right up the petro dollar. I will never forget a column by the greatest nattering nabob of his time, William Safire, then a columnist for the Times. It carried this phrase: “Yamani or your life.”


Left the door open for a while today and when I went out to the garage, there was a lady cardinal on a imageswindow ledge. She was lovely, never so flashy as the male. There was a male cardinal that regularly showed up at work. He was attracted to window panes with mirror reflective coating. He saw his image and kept trying to meet up with himself. He did these loop-de-loops. It would have made a terrific video set to a song by Carly Simon.

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