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Talking football

The UA loss to Washington State was a heartbreaker. The Cats weren’t on the same page. Some guys were on page 2 and others were on page 301. What is there to say? It’s a confusing game. In football, three doesn’t always follow two. You have to score 6 points at a time. Or three. Once in a while two. You can score one but only as a bonus. This is how you get one player on the fly leaf and the other on the inside cover. Never mind about the dedication.

It’s time for the Wildcats to put the past and this loss behind them. (We’ll definitely let you know if they manage to put the past and this loss in front of them; that would be a good sports story, )

The bottom line is the ‘Cats need a win “for a real shot at bowl eligibility.” The top line is the Cats need a win for a real shot. Oddly enough, the middle line also says the Cats need a win for a real shot. One wonders what it would take for the Cats to obtain an UNreal shot at bowl eligibility. Perhaps this is where fantasy football comes in. We all know that you have to take your best shot.

“For the Huskies, it’s all about defense.” For many teams it’s also about offense. Sometimes it’s about offense and defense, which is how teams win. It’s also how they lose.

UA receiver Caleb Jones told the Star: “We always want to score aggressively,  so it doesn’t matter who we play.” We’d like to explore the possibility of scoring passively. Might be some potential there, passive-aggressive could be a new strategy.

Star reporter Zack Rosenblatt concluded in his story today in the Star, “For both Arizona and Washington, this game might just show who’s good enough for this year’s postseason.

Then again, it just might not. It would show the players not only were on different pages, but on different wave lengths.

But it is what it is.  It’s time to separate the men from the boys.

As Rosenblatt said: “Arizona faces the gauntlet of USC, Utah and Arizona State to finish the season.”

And while they face that gauntlet, they should put on rubber gloves.The Cats might even have to run the gauntlet. Better to look at it than run it. Guess that depends on passive-aggressive approaches. 

Whoever said winning wasn’t everything, that it was the only thing really ought to reconsider.

Because as the immortal Grantland Rice once said, “If you don’t win, you lose.”

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