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White flies

The grapefruit are beginning to change color. Won’t be long before they will be ready. The grapevines have been infested by white flies since August and despite copious applications of insecticide, they remain, obscenely and wantonly chewing up grape leaves, creating havoc and despair. They remind me of Putin who reminds me of Cream (click here) — “I’m so Vlad/I’m so Vlad/I’m glad/I’m Vlad/I’m Vlad.”

The roses also also have run amok. They’ve been left on their own because my lower back and I had a severe disagreement more than two weeks ago. The roses grew merry during the Big Wet of about a month ago. (For the first time in nearly four decades, Edie complained of gray skies and rain.) The canes shot skyward and produced abundant blossoms. Today, they have faded much in the manner of Jed Bush’s presidential prospects. Just think: He has more than a hundred million dollars and Trump has successfully portrayed him as a fool and a wimp. Así botan las pelotas (or lack thereof).

The weeds went whacko during the Big Wet, off their rocker not unlike Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, he of the Bengazi rant. The House Republicans have spent $14 million trying to crucify Hillary Clinton on the Bengazi cross. They won’t stop. They are much like an infestation of white flies.

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