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Cow pies

Isn’t Diane Douglas just adorable?

The lady has stepped in more fresh political cow pies than any AZ politician since Evan Mecham. She hasn’t just stepped in them. She’s stomped those pies so the splatter factor has been REALLY BIG. If you have forgotten or never knew about the infamous Gov. Mecham, see this “60 Minutes” interview with Morley Safer from the time of the covered wagons. (Notice how uncomfortable Safer is.)

Douglas was elected superintendent of public instruction, but acts as though she were crowned Queen of Pedagogy. She therefore believes she is sovereign over all the education she surveys, a notion a court recently rejected.

It seems unlikely that Ms Douglas will be satisfied with the court’s decision and will appeal, thus spending more public money on lawyers who charge a few hundred quid an hour. As queen, she is something of a bulldog, and she seems determined to visit all the cow pies this state has to offer.

And that, as they say in the land of double negatives, is not insignificant.

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