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Unexplained phenomena

Harper’s September issue is very much wanting.

The lead piece is by some bloke who taught at an “elite” university. He argues that that Higher Ed has sold out to money interests. He pays no attention to state universities. The life is being choked out of them by state legislatures run by extremely small-minded people that belong to a particular political party. Thus, state universities now hire “development officers,” unknown 30 or 40 years ago. “Development” in this context means beating about the bushes for loose moolah. The state universities haven’t sold their souls. They’ve been turned out on the street to beg money from corporate bigwigs and generous (meaning rich) people and foundations.

Harper’s also has a piece on how dangerous Karachi is. I certainly will cancel my reservation and stay away. There’s also a piece on the “war” against invasive species, truly a subject of lesser moment.

But then there’s the Index. This is not even at the topof the list: The Index says that the number of confirmed living Americans who are 112 years of age is 10. Then it provides the number of living people of that same age “on the Social Security rolls: 4,700,000.”

Let us now toast long life and amazing (Harper’s) facts that are never explained.

Anyone else a little curious about the unconfirmed 4,699,990 Americans who are allegedly 112 years old? Wonder how much money they are collecting.

What a country.

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