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Busy, busy

Arizona’s governor sure is busy.

He travels breathlessly in a bus all over the state.

He sticks his considerable nose in all manner of state business.

He’s made a big deal proposing to add a big load of money to school finance by sucking up state land money and then to taking it away a few years later.

He’s called state leaders to a summit in Glendale. Not sure for what, but it doesn’t matter.

This is not what political conservatives do. Conservatives sit on their hands. They don’t do didley. This is because they know govmint is and evil, bad thing. The more you do to govmint, the worse it gets.When you’re a conservative in the mold of the Koch brothers (that’s Ducey for sure), you sit back let the budget get out of control and wait until the beast consumes itself.

Ducey hasn’t met a problem — real or imagined — that didn’t want to stomp on, roll around and drown in. He’s the good humor man on steroids, meth and No Doz. This is what liberals do.

If it weren’t for all that conservative Who-Shot-John that issues forth from his mouth, you’d swear this guy’s a liberal. Just waiting for him to come out of the closet.

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