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Cato and Immigration

We liberals hold that there are few more evil arch conservatives than the billionaire Koch brothers who are reportedly about to spend $900 million to elect equally evil, right-wing candidates.


In 1974, Charles Koch founded the Cato Institute, a libertarian conglomeration of economists and political scientists and other scholars of the Libertarian persuasion. You should, therefore, consider Cato as the offspring of the Koch boys.

What’s more:

The Cato Institute has for years advocated unrestricted immigration. It is at the heart of its free-market argument. Cato (and Koch) for decades have held that Dreamers and their families in all the countries in all the world ought to be able to roam free to work where they like as they like. This should be true, according to Cato, for immigrants in Africa and the Middle East seeking to work in E.U. countries. Here is a Cato video of one of its scholars advocating unrestricted immigration.

This is not an extreme argument, the Joe Arpaios of the world notwithstanding. Indeed, it is rational. Immigration enforcement has cost billions and thousands of dead Mexicans and Central Americans. The waste of blood and money has been staggering. And the worst of it is that it continues.

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