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Tuition stupid

Dear Guv Doogie:

Next year tuition at the UA will rise to about $11,400. About a $500 increase because of you, your backward thinking and the $99 million cut in the universities budgets.

Next year tuition at the University of Florida will be $6,310.

Arizona used to be compared to Mississippi because we were usually as stupid as they were in funding education. This year Ole Miss is charging $7,100 in tuition. Even the University of Texas charges less — $9,798.

Just thought you’d like to know some state universities haven’t privatized just yet. But we are on the way. The budget for the universities is $667 million decreased from $768 million. The budget for the prison system is $1.3 billion, increased from $997 million.

You do love your prisons, don’t you.

Very Truly Yours,

John Dewey

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