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The Blog complains

The Blog came to me extremely annoyed.

She said she was furious that I had not made a virtual appearance in weeks.

I replied that I am sick. I have a raging fever, my cough rasps like a witch’s caldron, nothing is so disgusting: Double, double toil and trouble, cough and caldron bubble.

She: You think Shakespeare can be your excuse?

Me: No, I’m just trying to explain that I have been out of pocket, otherwise indisposed, really, really busy.

Me: I discovered Wednesday I had pneumonia. It’s Saturday, and I still have it.

She:Excuses, excuses. What about before your pneumonia?

I had to spread manure.

You do that as a matter of course.

Your wit is exceeded only by your sensitive nature.

Was that a slam?


Well aren’t we high and mighty.

Would like to be the former, incapable of the latter.

Yada, yada yada.


Art: JFK bust top foto at www.a-mountain.com




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