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Political grammar

Anybody notice that Ethan Orr’s campaign (for District 9 state House) signs were still littering the roads, violating the landscape and offending north side eyeballs days after the election? His two opponents had taken down their signs immediately in accordance with certain principles of political etiquette. Mr. Orr is either not acquainted with the politics of Emily Post or a rube who plants his political elbows on the dinner table.

In any event, he’s neither worthy nor deserving. Hope the good doctor (opponent physician Randall Friese) maintains his slim lead over Mr. Neither/nor. Clearly this wasn’t a case of either/or.

Orr spent a huge pile of money. Can’t tell you how many days my morning newspaper was plied with sticky post-it tags at the top covering up news and urging me to vote Orr. Which I did not do. The governor reportedly gave him mucho moolah. Bless her lame-duck heart.

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