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Block that metaphor (stolen fair and square from The New Yorker)

From the Department of Regrettable Metaphors, FUBAR Sentences and Abused Prepositions:

“Football is sometimes an itch that cannot be scratched, a forever thing.”

            Arizona Daily Star, November 6, 2014, page 1, Section B


Such itches give you a rash. Until you die. Then you Rash in Peace. A thing of forever.

Not scratching an itch leads to other itches, more itches and so many more that they become sons of itches. It’s a generational forever thing.

This football thing stops here, but you know we just scratched the surface.

Editing is a scratch just itching for a number one lead pencil to cut the crap, a now-and-again thing.





  1. Bill Waters says:

    Nice New Yorker pivot on football!

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