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A proud primary

I am — how you say? — a registered Independent voter. I am delighted that I annoyed the GOP state leaders because I asked for a Republican ballot in the primary. I did so to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted and poke a stick up the arses of a couple predatory plutocrats.

The Arizona Republican Party is a lamentable organization notable for its absence of ideas and disdain for helping others. I asked for its ballot to do it damage. I belong to a disappearing tribe of Americans who believe government’s function should be to help people, not screw them. Increasingly, the hallmark of the ’Zona GOP is the latter.

It is a happy happenstance that two of the state’s biggest and best people screwers will no longer endure in their respective offices. I believe Independents decided to handout brass pineapples to Tom Horne and John Huppenthal and force them to sit and spin on them. Horne is the lame duck attorney general and Huppenthal the lame duck superintendent of public instruction. We Independents voted against them and for whomever was running against them. At least I take credit.

So today they are limp ducks.

I’m very proud.


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