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Travel broadens one so

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey — I traveled all day yesterday to get here. A long way to be so cold. They say it is 82 degrees, but I don’t believe them.

This part of New Jersey is lovely. I detected evidence of two skunks on the way here. I did not have to ask whether they were Republicans or Democrats. They are evenly divided among executive and legislative branches in this state.

It has been a great while — exactly how long I do not remember — but air travel has changed in but one respect. A conversation with a fellow traveler is extremely rare. It is odd how social media breeds such asocial (not anti-social) behavior. The phones and pads and tablets — all on airplane mode — are in constant use. I was in a rare row yesterday in which three passengers each had actual paperbacks.


  1. Bill Waters says:

    What a kick! And of all tunes, Lady of Spain. During a Gridiron Show writers’ meeting in the ’70s, we were talking about Ron Asta playing it on his accordion. I wondered aloud whether that was the first thing anyone learns on an accordion, to which Marge Hilts responded, no; at least for women, anyway, the first thing you learn is not to get your bosom caught in the bellows …
    Great to hear from the wonderful June Caldwell Martin!

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