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The good doctor responds

If you read the letter I wrote to Dr. Sweitzer, you might be interested in her response:

I received your letter in my mail last evening.  I sincerely apologize for the way your case was handled upon Dr. Ewy’s departure.  In the month I have been at the Sarver, I have worked diligently to begin the process of improving care for all of our patients.  I would like to speak with you about your experience.  As I do not yet have an assistant, please call me at your convenience on my cell phone, 608-XXX-XXXX.

Nancy Sweitzer

I spoke with her. She said she was indeed working to improve patient care at the Sarver Center. I believe her. I did visit the sins committed before she took charge upon her. She has a formidable task before her. She needs some time. As you can see her cell phone number is from Madison, Wis., whence she came and took over at Sarver March 1.


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