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The worst parking garage

Into the abyss

Into the abyss

DSC_0124My candidate for the worst parking garage in Tucson, in Arizona, in the Western United States is at the University Medical Center.

It was ill conceived.

It is dangerous, an urban hazard, home of dents, demolished tail lights and bent fenders.

On the day I visited, there was a tow truck by the tollbooth. It was parked there because it could not climb the ultra-narrow ramp and make the 90-degree fricking right turn. What kind of fool could concoct such a thing?

There are a number of levels. If you are forced to go down into them, you may never come out. It is a trip into the abyss, into cosmic claustrophobia, deep and dark where evil lurks in odd shaped nooks and crannies, allegedly parking spaces. It is chutes and ladders in concrete.

Good thing there’s a hospital nearby.

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