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Is it possible that the average IQ of the Republican members of the Arizona Legislature does not equal the overnight low in Nome? In February? Or 1062 divided by 1070?

Can you believe that Governor Chris Christie (of the great state of Tony Soprano) is not as Bill Maher said, “350 pounds of toast”?

Do you remember when the stable of New York Times editorial-page columnists included Russell Baker, Tom Wicker, James Reston, Anthony Lewis, Flora Lewis and C. L. Sulzberger? Can you also recall which one of these wasn’t worth didley? And how would you compare them to today’s crop — Thomas Friedman, Maureen Dowd and the others whose names I cannot not remember?

Could this town have had a better week than the last one for a rodeo, golf thingy, gem show and a Colorado smack-down?


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