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Archives for August 2016

Trump in Phoenix

Does anyone know what Trump meant about making sure new immigration reflects the population? Sounds like a quota system meant to keep the country pale. We have a rich history of such xenophobia. All of it unconstitutional, meaner than hell and deftly exploited by Trump.

Speaking of unconstitutional: The ideological test Trump proposes brings to mind the Internal Security Act, called the McCarran Act, passed by Congress in 1950 over Truman’s veto. It was aimed at keeping commies out of the country. The Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. Trump’s aim of curse is to keep Muslims, instead of commies, out. It’s strange he did not make it a blanket prohibition as has been his wont. It seems like he is softening his position to broaden his appeal.

Some appeal.

Meanwhile, let us all pause to pity President Enrique Peña Nieto, such a fool. What a dumb-ass schlub.

See the movie about a book

Did this video with Linda and Sixto Valdez about her book. Looks good with a full screen.



This is a SCREAM.